Friday, 22 November 2013

An update on little Catriena - another horse fixed naturally and not with bribery and corruption . .

You may remember a post on Bribery and Corruption - although we do not believe bribery and corruption is the correct way forward in any individuals life, the particular post in question was in relation to horses . . . and an eventful day when we were asked to go down and solve a problem with Catriena . . a lovely, cheeky, extremely clever Welsh.

After this Session someone else borrowed the school to train -(using Bribery and Corruption and dictatorial methods) a young Arab X. Mmmmmm, an interesting ending, where the horse felt - - "well my treats are finished so I'll just get on with what I WANT TO DO --- O, there you go you see, that got a polo out of his pocket!!!! I'm not daft you see said the Arab X"

An update on Catriena - since we worked on her, she has been extremely well behaved, although she has since taught herself how to untie a knot!!!! o, she is a clever clogs . . But she has desisted from pulling everyone every where - - - courtesy of 'everyone singing from the same song sheet ' - Brilliant news.

Keep up the good work everyone . . . and keep encouraging our form of language and other animals will benefit greatly - thank you.

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